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Enterprise Virtual Reality Solutions

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Virtual Reality Solutions

The XR immersive Experiences helps employees to not only take an walkthrough of Machinery and Equipment of the engines, but also explore the machinery functionalities such as assembling and disassembling in an interactive way. This experience creates a good retention to the trainee.

XR Solutions has the power to replicate the industries environment and employee daily task in the company such as oilfield, refinery, or emergency exist in case of fire accidents. This helps the employee to be aware himself from accidents to minimising the risks. 

XR solutions for manufacturing industry provide the experiential training that gives real-time feedback, improve the efficiency of skill development and increase higher retention rate. This prevents expensive down time and distractions in daily operations.

In many industries hazards are a part of the job such as fire accidents, working on heights, operational safety and many more. CHRP-INDIA XR solutions helps to train employees to face those dangerous situations and keep employees strong and safe.

In Most of the industries, technicians needs to be more fast and accurate which need to be more focus in complex situations. XR Solutions can replicate those situations in immersive environment where trainee can practices n number of times and increase his focus in complex situations.

What Special In CHRP-INDIA

We had launched India’s First XR Experience Zone is now open in Hyderabad, which is exclusive for Enterprise only.

We designed and developed customised solutions for the majority of Industrial and Automotive companies for the production/Factory with Latest Gadgets to help them in Adoption and ease of use in training the employee's.

We are the 5th Global CoE partner of Unity Technologies, HTC VIVE, Google Glass, MSI Gaming, Ricoh Theta, Tesla VR suit and HP Enterprise solutions where we are offering solutions to Big4 companies in their AR/VR/MR solutions ideation and implementation in Training and Marketing Areas.

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How CHRP-INDIA Can Help?

XR Solutions is all about creativity when it comes to developing customised solutions our team have the capability to understand in-depth that combines the technology with innovative to create the immersive and impactful user experiences.

Our XR Solutions includes realistic simulations which enable employees to develop practical skills and accuracy in their field of work, which ultimately improves overall safety and drives organisational efficiencies.

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