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L&D Strategy

We work with our clients in identifying and defining the learning areas, strategy, metrics, compliance and other key steps for setting up their learning centers.

We provide 360° consulting services to support, reassess and optimize your Digital Learning Strategy. We are on the way to change the way the world learns. We simplify learning process to make it fun, engaging and quick to grasp. Encompasses every aspect, from analysing your requirements and the challenges you are facing to forefront the running projects.

CHRP-EUROPE consults and supports all of your Digital Learning Technology strategy and implementation. No matter whether your company is at the initial evaluation stage or in the later stages of an online learning life cycle, our Consulting Services team will help you out with expert consultation and assist you in achieving your goals and crucial success required from your digital learning initiatives.

  • Identifying opportunity
  • Need analysis
  • Business case for implementation
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Reports and Recommendations

ID Consultancy

CHRP’s instructional design experience manifest from its capabilities in performing key roles right from consulting, designing and developing the content, project facilitation, deployment, technical evaluation.

Instructional Design Strategy

  • Creation of ID strategy for content and programs design and delivery
  • Knowledge Management Strategy and Solution
  • Online Learning Solutions Strategy and Implementation

Instructional Design Services

  • Storyboard Scripting
  • Storyboard Review and Updates
  • Instructional Design Review
  • Instructional Design Training

Technology Advisory

We offer technology advisory services for our clients aspiring to adopt LMS or HRIMS system with integrated LMS.

  • Technology needs assessment and evaluation process
  • Scoping the business needs and supporting the client in prioritizing the needs and carefully hand holding the delivery and feedback management from various stake holders.
  • Choosing right technology for today and tomorrow
  • Evaluating the shortlisted software for available business cases
  • Conducting Pilot development, deployment, and testing

mPayment Solutions

CHRP-EUROPE brings you the best mobile payments solutions redefining its usage completely, making your mobile phone a completely safe and secure device which can be used for transactions from anywhere, anytime. One can also quickly send and receive money, pay bills, do online shopping, book flight tickets and much more.

Today, electronic transactions through mobile phone have turned out to be a quick adopting payment method where an individual makes use of a mobile phone to pay for a vast variety of services, digital or hard goods, rather than paying by cheque, cash, or card (prepaid/debit/credit).

  • Strategic Consultancy for Digitalization and Omni-channel
  • Customer Experience definition and improvement
  • System design, Integration, and Analysis
  • Project Management Consultancy

CHRP-EUROPE offers consultation services, that assists you in setting objectives and get apt solutions required to kick-start your mPayment solutions for your business. We can pinpoint your areas of need and either develop a custom solution or help you connect with the right mPayment partners accordingly.

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