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Content Licensing

CHRP-EUROPE will author the courses content for your specific training programs by engaging leading SME’s from the industry to design and develop programs as per the learning objectives defined for your training program, this will help you in bringing down the total cost of ownership.

Our clients will have the best of the content and technology used by CHRP-EUROPE to design and develop the courses which will provide an advantage for the end users accessing the courses across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Course Ownership: The Source Codes and the Copy Rights for the courses will be non-transferable and the respective IP and Copyrights will be with CHRP-EUROPE. If the client would like to procure the source codes and exclusive IP and Copyrights it will be granted at a minimal price also granting the access to source code.

Add-on services: Maintenance and Updates will be provided at an additional cost apart from the perpetual license.

This is our express service where you will save repetitive cost and will be able to host your courses on your LMS with an unlimited user access for life.

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