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SpeedTree was awarded a Scientific and Technical Academy Award® from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in February, having been featured in over 50 feature films since it’s first appearance in Avatar. For it’s significant impact on realtime use, both in AAA games and for a host of indie games developed using our integration into Unity 5 and UE4,

Blender is a registered trademark (®) of the Blender Foundation in EU and USA. The Blender logo itself is a property of the Blender Foundation. The logo and the brand name “Blender” are not part of the GNU GPL, and can only be used commercially by the Blender Foundation on products, websites, and publications.

The Adobe Solution Partner Program is helping you lead the transformation of global digital marketing. As a partner, you'll receive product and software training, be connected with other partners, and grow your business by delivering world-class solutions.

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